Special Interest Groups

In October we began to organize the Special Interest Groups for Germany, British Isles, and Pennsylvania. The Germany and Pennsylvania SIGs have decided to meet again on Dec 16th at 7:00 P.M. in the main meeting room at Northland Library. We will pull the dividers so each group can have separate space. The British Isle SIG will meet the first Wednesday of the month at St. Catherine of Sweden on Wildwood Road.
Even if you haven’t previously signed up for one of these groups, you are always welcome to join in at any time. If you signed up for multiple groups, feel free to participate in all the groups of your interest. 

1790 Project

The "1790 Project" is an exciting study of the lives and descendents of the original 37 heads of houshold in what is now the North Hills.  Rich Hayden is organizing this work.  More details are at 1790 project.

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Northland Public Library Genealogy Books

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Pennsylvania Interest Group
Wednesday - 01/28/2015
Special Interest Group:  Pennsylvania research. The objective of a SIG is for the participants to focus on learning about a specific topic related to their genealogical pursuits.  This group is being led by Diane McVicker.

Shaler Public Library website:  
British Isles Interest Group
Wednesday - 02/04/2015
This is the monthly meeting of North Hills Genealogists' special interest group focusing on research in the British Isles. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday...
Pennsylvania Vital Records
Tuesday - 02/17/2015
NHG newsletter Co-Editor, Amy Arner, will discuss how and where to find these useful documents and the valuable information that may be held in them.